Lost or Stolen ATM/Debit Card

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Lost or Stolen Credit Card
24-Hour Hotline:
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Tip:  Photocopy your cards front and back and keep in a safe place so you have your card numbers handy.

Harland Checks



Confidential and safe link
No fee to e-file a 1040EZ
Fees for 1040-A and 1040 apply only if you e-file

AUDIO TELLER is fabulous!  24/7 info on your account, do transactions, call from anywhere.  Special direct line 247-8338.  Click Here for instructions.

Prepaid VISA Cards

CUMONEY –Travel Money Card
$7.95 per card, instant issue, great for travel, including international. Minimum $100; Maximum $5,000.  Can be reloaded. Purchases and ATMs.

CUMONEY – Gift Card
Quick and easy – a gift we can all love.  $3.00 per card.  Instant issue.  Minimum load $10; maximum load $500.  Variety of designs appropriate for the occasion.  No reloads; purchases only.

CUMONEY – General Purpose Debit
$5.00.  Plan to order in advance, it comes with your name embossed on it.  Valid for 2 years.  Great to use when you don’t want purchases coming out of your checking (example: internet purchases).  Reloadable.  Minimum $10, maximum $5,000.

Other fees apply.  Questions?  Call 228-6766 or 228-6754.

If you have a loan or VISA credit card with us, or are using E-Statements, we’ll let you use bill pay for free each month – providing you use it at least three times per month. We’ll even help you set it up. Do away with envelopes and stamps, set up automatic weekly or monthly payments, and do something more fun than pay bills. Sign up for E-Statements by logging on to your Account, and looking for E-Statements on the menu.

New – VISA Travel Money – the new “PLASTIC” Travelers Cheque you can use around the globe as a Debit Card AND an ATM Card. Reload it two more times. It’s not linked to your personal account, so security is improved.
Other selections:

  • Our great VISA Debit/Check card – with green and blue salmon – it’s both an ATM
    and a Debit card (checking account required). Available to youth with
    Parental permission or proof of job.
  • VISA Passport – an ATM card you can use in foreign countries – reloadable.
  • VISA Gift Card – a Debit only card, loads just once.
  • Credit Cards (see Loans) – get cash advances off your card at the credit union.
  • ATM only card – Alaska Option (details below)
  • Cashier’s Checks and Money Orders
  • U.S. and International Wires
  • Electronic Payments (pay bills, mortgages, loans, credit cards, etc)
  • Bill Pay – free to members holding loans with us

Plus – need to move money? We offer domestic and international wire transfers, and new automatic electronic payments (debits and credits).



Harland Financial Services is our check printer

Tongass Federal Credit Union is proud to announce an exclusive contract with Harland Financial Services as our official check printer. This new relationship has rewards for the credit union as a whole, with new pricing for important services that we rely on from Harland.

If you have been getting checks from one of two other vendors, we will convert your order into an equivalent price and design style with Harland. Or, perhaps you would like to look through the Harland catalog and select something different. There are many exciting styles from which to select.

Harland offers free monograms, accents and lettering styles on its checks.

We also offer a true value check, our TFCU Image Check, at a cost of just $15.25 per box of 150 duplicate checks, delivered to you!

Please put your check reorder slips in our night depository, drop off in the drive through, mail, deliver or fax. Your written instruction or deposit slip helps us improve accuracy in check orders.

Alaska ATM Alliance
Use our VISA cards for no fees on participating ATMs in the Alaska ATM Alliance.  Our “Go Fish” Debit Card and “Freedom” ATM Card can be used without a fee at most Alaska credit union branches.  Caution: in-store ATMs even if owned by a credit union assess fees.  Click Here to find no-fee ATMs in places you are visiting.